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Dr. Rebecca Mindock

Private Lesson Information

I am currently teaching in the Mobile, Alabama area and am taking new students. Not in or around Mobile? Contact your local schools or music stores to find out who your local teachers are. Or, are you interested in summer festivals or university study with me? Click here!

Lessons: $25/half-hour
Beginners should start with 30 min. lessons. For more advanced students, I recommend
45 min. or 60 min. lessons. If you plan to work on reed making with me, I recommend at least a 45 minute lesson, and prefer a 60 minute lesson.

Oboe/Bassoon Reeds: $18 each
I hand-make my reeds. I endeavor to make sure each reed that goes home with one of my students is one that works well for them at their current stage of musical development. Because of this, I only sell reeds to my own students, and they have to be bought in person, so that the student can try them out first. (Since reeds break easily, I cannot give refunds for anything that happens to them after they are sold. Be careful with them!) Any old oboe reed corks that can be returned to me are very much appreciated, as it helps me keep costs down.

Lesson Policies

1. Practicing. Private Lessons will help you improve your playing, but only if you also take the time to practice for them. I expect a bare minimum of 1 hour of practice for each 1/2 hour of lessons you take each week, and strongly encourage you to practice more. Not sure how much to practice or how best to use the time? Ask me and I'll help!

2. Payments. I request that all lessons be paid for at the time the lesson occurs, and encourage those that can to pay for multiple lessons in advance (e.g., for the month). If a student's lessons are not paid for in a timely manner, that student's lessons will be temporarily suspended until back payments are made. If this becomes a repeat offense, you may not be able to continue taking lessons from me.

3. Cancellation Policy.When you schedule a lesson with me, you are effectively reserving my services for that time. If you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, I require that you give me a minimum of 24-hours notice. After that point, even if the cancellation is due to something excusable, it will be too late for me to change my own schedule and my time will still be spent, meaning that I will still need to be paid for the lesson. If your cancellation is not due to an emergency, I appreciate your warning me of your absence as far in advance as possible.

4. Music/Equipment. All students are responsible for purchasing their own lesson books, as well as any equipment (swabs, reed boxes, etc.) that I may encourage you to purchase. We'll discuss which books to buy in the first lesson, so there is no need to buy anything in advance.

6. The First Lesson. I just want to meet you, find out where you are as a player, and find out where we need to go. Please bring your instrument and any music you already have, and be prepared to play something for me that you feel best represents you and your current level. Please also bring something that you really enjoy playing, so I can see what you like to play. We'll go from there!

Ready to start?

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